Saturday, September 02, 2006

My entertainment quota is getting filled....

Ok so wow...these weekends are delightful, here in Sunnyvale.

Last weekend I went to the RMIM meeting in Cupertino where music minded individuals celebrated their knowledge of music and trivia by chillin together.

The day after I attended Anu Kapoor's NRI Antakshari (I hate how they call it that and make it a point to keep repeating NRI before Antakshari. Ugh). This thing was awesome. Annoyingly loud, ostentatious and irritating, I enjoyed myself thoroughly...I was surprised that I was able to get like 85% of the answers. Rohit and I were like two teenyboppers at a Cheetah Girls or NSync concert (um I don't know any latest boy bands...sorry). Naaz was loving it too, but Rohit and I just about were turning crazy. Loved this show.

Anu Kapoor ain't too shabby a singer. He brought along two goodie singers; Niladri Debnath and Archana Parulekar (Bengali and Maharashtrian respectively) and they were just amazing. The other chick, Falguni Brahmabhatt is average, with her looks being the bigger lure than her voice. Archana's voice had me enraptured and Niladri was excellent...bong that he is...! The songs were fabulous and the teams were ok. I wish there was more MUSICAL talent on stage as well as lyrical knowledgeable pundits.

SO.........yesterday...I'm on my way to my god awful job (you know, the kinda place that makes you want to get a gun and shoot your brains out each and every single day you walk in) and I get a text message from Lisa Tsering, Entertainment and Awesome Reporter Extraordinaire, saying, "Sonu tmo. nite - want to come?" --------- um exact words to her. This guy has just ripened perfectly as a singer. I hate his ham-like ways, but his talent is unbeatable. Can't mock that. His Jesus haircut? Deserves a mock. His amazing talent? Deserves a "waah" ! I was happy for all of the afternoon until I got sick sick sick. Am still sick and have to get better by tonight. Can you believe I have to work on Monday when everyone else is not ?? It's a holiday and I'm going to work. Life sucks but then you get to go to a Sonu Nigam concert and doll up and all's right with the world again.

PS I am seriously thinking of giving Lisa the title of "Kaumudee's Personal Entertainment Planner" for all the fun shows and events she sends me to.

I will post my review tomorrow. Let me sleep for an hour or so. Toodles !!!

Chiaro di Luna


ZEG Consultants said...

When are you going to post more songs?


Murali Venkatraman said...

she is a non stop talker..she will talk a lot more than sing:)

Anonymous said...

Nir... wow... how did you manage to remember the FULL names of those singers accompanying Anu in that Antakshari? It was fun wasn't it? Could have been better had it not been for the people almost yelling in the microphone.

Just heard your latest song - Bhaage re mann... nice work... again :)