Sunday, August 20, 2006

Miss Torsekar goes to the opera...

Wow what an experience....definitely something I want to do again. It was a compilation of music from different operas. I felt like Cher from Moonstruck...I even had a new hairdo and gorgeous gown. However I have no grey hair, so didn't have to color anything. The opera was called Merola Grand Finale and featured music from The Barber of Seville and Béatrice et Bénédict to name a few. My personal favorite was Street Scene by Kurt Weill speaking of the delights of icecream in America...That was too good, as was the new Italian American immigrant styling that was done on the piece. Fun stuff !

Didn't stay for the whole thing but would have loved to. I think I want to go again....Thank you Lisa.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What do little geeks dream of.....? COMPUTERS of course !!!

Time to record new computer comes home tomorrow. I will record then. Thank you for the constructive criticism, good wishes and encouragement that you all have sent my way....I have been working on one song, which I just can't wait to record. With the new computer the sound is going to really be much better. Stay tuned....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Aao Na Gale Laga Lo Na - Mere Jeevan Saathi

Classic rendition by RD Burman and picturized on who else, but the Mallika of Sensuality, Helen. It is strange to begin my audio posts with a seduction song but somehow the composition got to me years ago and now again when I was scoping out tracks to do.

RD's orchestration is remarkable and the full band is of course unbeatable. Sung originally by her royal highness, Asha Bhosle, I have merely attempted to mimic her by skimming the surface of her rendition.

Finally....I did a song....

This was decent...not awesome. Decent. My homage to the Goddess Asha. She is ultimately the artist I would like to transform into. I have grown up listening to her. I think she has kept me company more than any other singer; in my teenage years I used to sleep to her sultry renditions of sensual numbers. The gentle fires she lit with Gulzar's beautiful lyrics and the images of utter and complete romance she created remain etched in the recesses of my mind. I will forget all else, all others, but her.

I present to your kind ears, a humble recording. I am still trying to dust the cobwebs on my vocal chords so please forgive the mistakes. I promise to get better; I aim to be a perfectionist, so your guidance means a lot.

PS, music classes start soon :-)