Saturday, November 29, 2008

Aisa Lagta Hain - Echoes

Recently I did a very intimate concert at a friend's house. My generous friends hosted a bunch of strangers at their house, first during practices and then for the actual concert itself. As the weeks went on, we became close friends and now this musical journey seeks to be continued on. The theme was the songs of Sachin Dev Burman and I sang some pretty gems like Gaata Rahe Mera Dil, Tum Na Jaane Kis Jahaan Mein, Shokhiyon Mein Ghola Jaaye, Najar Laagi Raja, Deewana Mastana Hua Dil and Raat Akeli Hain. I will try to put up some version of this show on this blog. Here is the intro from the show:

Introduction to the SD Burman show

My musical compadres and I thoroughly enjoyed not only the practice sessions but also the actual concert, performed for a houseful of music lovers. The event was by invite only and only open to a small group since the concert was being held at home yet the creative yield for me and the rest of the performers was tremendous. Naturally, my voice gave out by me getting sick one week before the show (thanks Murali) and I had to somehow manage singing through the pain. The rest of the artists were so kind and caring of me, that they all decided to also get sick ;) The result was a fabulous show with a few moments of voices giving out. Mostly mine.

Well a few days after, it was still not in good shape. Yet at the request of some elders, I sang some ghazals in a home setting. A recording was made and I am actually shocked that it came out decently. This particular song is by Chitra Singh and is one of my most favorite ghazals. I have lost sur here and there, and I am aware of that. My voice dried out and I could just not get some notes out as well. I was so sick that I couldn't even sing a note till the day of the show, but somehow things managed to happen. Normally I don't put up such recordings, but I just thought it was not too shabby considering the state of my voice. Abhijit is a genius on the keyboards and I'm on vocals. That's it. The link to the recorded song is below in the player; tell me what you think.

Froggy Throat