Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aap Ko Bhool Jaaye Hum - Echoes

Heartbreak leads to such potent poetry....I love this ghazal so much. The words are pure tragic romance. I cannot resist; I must post the words for your eyes:

Aap ko bhool jaayen hum itne to bewafaa nahin
Aap se kya gila kare aap se koi gila nahin

Sheesha-e-dil ko todna unka to ek khel hain
Humse hi bhool ho gayee unko koi khata nahin

Kaash wo apne gham mujhe dede to kuch sukoon mile
Woh kitna bad-naseeb hain gham hee jise mila nahin

Jurm hain gar wafa to kya, kyoon kar wafa ko chhod doon
Kehte hain is gunaah ki hoti koi saza nahin

This is one of my favorite ghazals by Chitra Singh. Her voice has minute shards of heartbreak woven through it, making your own eyes glisten with unsuppressed feeling. This was recorded at the same time as that last ghazal and yes I was deathly ill here as well. I promise I will put up stuff that's not tainted with a cold for once. This is my broken voice and Abhijit's melody....We were both feeling around the melody; me trying to guide my broken voice and Abhijit trying to follow the chords. I have to do my own crisp recording soon, one with a good song that is contemporary for once....