Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Live Show Recordings from Private Event

Hello all,

I have some recordings here from a private show I did a few weeks ago. This is a live recording, so please forgive the mistakes. The talented artist who is on guitar and is singing with me is Subhen. I am very lucky to have met such a good consummate musician and I hope we continue to work together going forward.

Subhen has done some creative work on a couple of songs, namely Tere liye palkon ke jhaalar and Do lafzon ki. I wanted to post these up here since they are songs I love very much and luckily got a chance to perform in front of people. Please provide your feedback. Thank you.


Do Lafzon Ki Hain Dil Ki Kahaani

One of my all time favorite songs from The Great Gambler, this song has never ceased to lose it's freshness and beauty to my ears. I have always wanted to sing it in an informal setting where the true artistry of RD Burman's music could get proper love. I have tried to sing it to the best of my ability, naturally with a few notes here and there, as is my forte ;-)

Milkar Juda Huye To

Enjoyed singing this one as well. I seem to really take to Chitra Singh songs and truly feel close to her vocal melancholy. Please give your comments.

Tere Liye Palkon Ke Jhaalar

This is one song I have been waiting for years to sing and finally recently Subhen kindly obliged me by allowing this wish to come true. He added his own musical take to this song and I think the result is actually pretty. This song is from the film Harjaaee

Thank you for listening to these songs. They were recorded live using a M-Audio recorder; a small recorder with big power. This show was following two other consecutive shows, which left me tired and musically blissed out! Please do give your feedback in the comments section. Thanks!