Sunday, September 16, 2007

....Lautaaye hue saamaan ki baatein....

The music practices are going wonderfully. The musicians are amazing; it's been years since I have performed with such a solid group and it humbles me. Makes one want to do better and better. There are dances, poetry recitations and the live band (us). The song selection is amazing. Something for the Palo Alto pseudo-cool Bhangra loving crew as well as for the die-hard Gulzar worshippers. The latter know the songs from Aandhi, Golmaal, Ijaazat, Bandini, to name a few, like the back of their hand. I have never been part of the formerly mentioned "cool" crew, so my delight over the newer songs is lesser; just give me my Gulzar poems like water droplets on a tender green shoot in the monsoons....I seep it up.

Chhotisi kahaani se....

The only thing missing in this show is the amazing Gulzar himself....That would be sone pe suhaga in terms of this show.

Have some changes happening in my personal life and those have been keeping me busy. I will announce the necessary information, when things start crystallizing. The changes don't have anything to do with music, so I refrain from posting on this blog as yet.

Thank you for your continued support......


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Teija Ahlfors said...

I love your voice, nice and sparky, resemble Lata's voice.

So nice that you will be performing today at Saratoga Raat Chaand Gulzar event!!
Keep singing!!