Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tumhare Anjuman Se Uthke Deewane Kahaan Jaate - A Milestone

A recording done on a whim. I'm in love with Chitra Singh's voice right now and just cannot get enough of her. Singing her songs is like tapping into a different part of my nature; no one can take my goddess' place, but Chitra Singh is unlike any other. Guess what, I have yet another cold right now - seems like nasal voices are perfectly suited to these type of renditions. There is no music, merely me and an assist from reverb. Pardon any mistakes please. Thank you.

The poetry is as follows:

Tumhare anjuman se uthke diwane kahaan jaate
Jo waabasta huye humse woh afsane kahaan jaate......

Tumhari berukhi ne laaj rakh li baadakhane ki
Tum aankhon se pila dete to paimane kahaan jaate
Jo waabasta huye humse woh afsane kahaan jaate......

Chalo achchha hua kaam aa gayi diwaangi apni
Wagar na hum zamaane bhar ko samjhaane kahaan jaate
Jo waabasta huye humse woh afsane kahaan jaate......

I have two more songs I will be recording soon. One is an English song by one of my favorite artists and another is a Lata Mangeshkar favorite. Stay tuned.

Moonlight Sonata


Vee said...

I can't make out that you have a cold. However I can feel your emotion. So, well done on that aspect... you know what I mean.

sapna said...

wow Beautiful ... Kaumudee you sing so well :) ... keep up the good work !!

Abhay Mannur said...

Great !! Bhav Marathi.
Keep up the good work....

Zafar said...

I liked the previous one that you sent me better. If you just recorded this then I can understand your throat is sick ;)

Hopefully this cold won't vaabasta itself with you for too long!

An Ardent Admirer said...

Coming to your blog after a time and was very happy to see the new additions. Initial couple of Ghazals are very nice, one observation, a Ghazal is a Ghazal not something like a Classical rendition so maybe you ought to put a little less vibrations in your voice. It sounds good no doubts about that, but it spoils the mood of the Ghazal as Ghazals are more a way of putting across of Words and the emotions attached within rather than showing your vocal capabilities. Its just an observation you may or may not agree but thats your prerogative.
That said, I have always loved your music and will continue to do so so keep'em coming.

KT said...

Hiya Ardent Admirer,

Actually I've tried to sing this song as close to how Chitra Singh has sung it. I agree that it is not a good version by any means in that sur is not perfect but overall, the original song sort of weaves notes here and there. It sounds almost like a fevered refrain by Chitra Singh. Check out the original, you'll know what I mean.

Thanks for the continued support.

Anonymous said...

the way u sing "Tumhare anjuman se" line is just same as Chitra.
Khup chaan aawaj aahe tuza ...KEEP IT UP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ardent Admirer,

I would beg to disagree with you on the statement, that Ghazals cannot be sung in the classical style. Please do not forget that before Jagjit & Chitra Singh rose to the glorious heights, it was the age of Begum Akhtar, Noorjehan, Mehdi Hassan, Farida Khanum & other greats, who rendered Ghazals in Classical style.
its the justice which matters, which should be done to the poetry, both musically & emotionally.

Hope you would not take my comments in a negative way, but something as a correction.