Monday, March 12, 2007

A humble note....

My blog is my creative expression; I realize others would simply have me sing on it, but my artistic nature does not allow me to be a robot and simply add songs on here without explaining my link to the song. I do not choose songs randomly; I have a relationship with every song I sing and I enjoy sharing that with my listeners.

I like to write and this blog is very much a part of my creative expression. The photos, the songs, the tale behind the songs and the personal anecdotes are all my artistic expression. I appreciate your sentiments about how I should sing more and post more but please realize that life is busy for me as well (as it is for my listeners) and that I like to write/sing/create that which gives me pleasure at my own pace.....

Thank you and please do continue to visit as I post more songs and stories :-)


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Murali Venkatraman said...


I think there is more to this misunderstanding than just idiom problems as this blog entry has indicated. First of all, I need to clarify that I did not intend to say that you talked too much "on the blog". What I meant to say was, whenever we have phone convos, you talk so effervescently, and in that case why not sing more ? I mean you could spend more time and energy in your music which you have not attended to for a while. you know that I have always urged you to sing a lot. What has happened is that the timing and placement of my comment was unfortunate and inopportune and has led to serious misinterpretations. I, for once, sincerely regret being the cause of misunderstanding. I will be the first person to read about your music and listen to you.

I think I will keep my mouth shut lest my genuine innocuous humor should be misconstrued as a statement with a malicious intent. You are one of my favorite friends with an uncommon talent. I have not , at any time, tried to demean you and do not intend to do so.

3 cheers.