Thursday, May 31, 2007

Been busy with singing...

Amazing how life has completely turned around. I am now completely embedded in singing. A few months back this was a dream which has now become a flesh and blood reality. I have a show coming up with the new band I now sing with. I am humbled and happy that this lovely band has accepted my singing so kindly and are giving me plenty opportunity to try varied singing styles.

Show is on June 17th. Stay tuned for post-show talk.

Drenched in Moonlight


Anonymous said...

All the best Kaumudeeji. Your show will be a success!!

ShaXanK said...

first of all best of luck for your show.
secondly.. if the songs uploaded here are sung by you then you have got an instant fan :)
If not great collection and i really liked this blog cause its actually dedicated to something specific and not at all amatuer in presentation.

Unknown said...

I am glad to have met an extremely talented singer who is so grounded. I love your versatility, enthusiasm and passion. It has been a pleasure to perform with you. I enjoyed your blog and have begun to appreciate and respect you even more. I wish you the best for the many melodious years ahead.

KT said...

Thank you for your sweet words everyone. They mean a lot. The show was amazing, as Sheila knows :-)