Friday, March 09, 2007

In Ankhon Ki Masti Ke - Umrao Jaan

Can anyone looking into Umrao Jaan Ada's limpid eyes be able to look away at anywhere else....? Certainly not her paramours who are moths to the bright flame of Umrao's beauty, talent and charisma. The excellent Asha Bhosle sings the poetry of Shahryar set to the melody of Khaiyyam, thus giving voice to Rekha's exquisite persona in Muzaffar Ali's 1982 artpiece, Umrao Jaan. The winsome tawaif, Umrao Jaan, coquettishly welcomes Nawab Sultan, one of her many admirers, who, as the film progresses, becomes the love of her life.

This is one of my favorite films and to this date no one has been able to recreate the delicate nuances of Rekha's acting and Ali's direction. Add to it a perfectly created set, genuine Urdu dialogue and costumes that would make the begums of Lucknow swoon, Umrao Jaan, the film captured many hearts and audiences. The music is exquisitely timeless; though attempts have been made to copy it's essence, to those that are true worshippers of ghazal gayaki and Urdu shaayri, Ali's Umrao Jaan will forever be a masterpiece to be untouched by any other.

Nearly 13 years ago, a song from this film launched my humble musical career; years later I revisit it as an homage to my roots. I offer at your feet my simple song.

~ Rasika


Shubho said...

very nicely done!!! WOW!! You are getting better and better!!! one observation though: you need to sing into the side of the mic which has the heart sign and keep the mic upright. Right now the sound seems like its on separate channels.

Vee said...

Very nice Kaumu! Different ranges to your voice! Beautiful song. :)

Murali Venkatraman said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sairah said...

nicee didi=)

Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful!!! I love this song and you have rendered it so very nicely. Wish to hear many more renditions like this in the future, keep it up.

Leena said...

Beautifully sung Kaumudee. LOved it.
Visiting ur blog after long time and that so worth it.

On a musical note said...

Yo…..Just visited ur blog after a long time…some songs are really nice and you have done justice to them. You know every time I listen to you I can hear so much of (Aasha ) in you….of course I know why that is….:D, but keep it up you sound really good.
I agree with you not just 100% but 1000 % about not being able to do just any song because you have a karaoke available to you. From within one should want to sing the song then only they themselves can enjoy and give 100% and the audiences can feel it as well.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kaumudee Ji

Very nice singing anf great mixing...highly professional rendition...congratulations...keep it up...if time permits kindly hear my rendition too on the following link please:

best regards

Dr Sridhar Saxena