Saturday, May 31, 2008

Concert for a great cause

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the silence, I've been up to a lot of mischief, mayhem and music, not in that particular order. In April I did a cool concert with a local band named Eastern Winds based on the works of A.R.Rahman. I got some exciting song choices that challenged my voice quite a bit (and especially because I got horribly sick the week prior and lost my voice). Still, the music prevailed and somehow I was able to croak out some 'tunes' much to my own amazement. I'm now taking a still break but I have some wonderful musical plans that I'm cooking up. I realize I have not posted a song in ages but that's about to change. I'm planning an experiment which shall be posted on here over the next month or so. So please stay tuned.

Most importantly, I want to speak with you all about a cause that is very dear to me. Recently a dear friend's family member had a tragic happening take him away temporarily from his beloved wife and newborn infant daughter. He is hanging from a thread and just hearing about this will make tears come to your eyes. Anand is now in a coma thanks to a cruel twist of fate and the VSNA community of the Bay Area is raising funds to assist his family pay for the huge medical expenses spent in keeping up with the treatments.

To the rescue came Siva, an up and coming little-known percussionist who performs with some music director in India :-) Jokes aside, the great Sivamani is doing a benefit concert that will assist in raising funds for Anand. The goal is to continue the treatments and reunite Anand with his wife and little daughter. Please check out the following website that has all the pertinent information and come out to see Siva do his master work. Anand and all his loved ones would be very grateful.

The website will have the pertinent information but I am including all that in this blog post as well:

A.SIVAMANI Musical Concert - Taal & Time

Anandan Sivamani (Prince of Percussion)
Shriram Brahmanandan (Mridangam)
Mahesh Kale (Hindustani Vocals)
Jeanette Harris (Saxophone)

For more info, Please visit:

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
Promptly from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Where? ((((Please note the change of venue))))
Dougherty Valley Perf. Arts Center,
10550 Albion Road, San Ramon, CA

Buy Tickets?
Sulekha or Taal-N-Time
Price: VIP, $50, $35


Help us save a life with the gift of music. See you at the concert.

God bless,

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