Monday, August 04, 2008

RD Burman show in Sunnyvale, California on August 23rd, 2008

Come one, come all....

I am finally getting to do the songs of Pancham Da, a music director that has been close to my heart since I was a teenage girl. I am doing some wonderful Asha and Lata numbers which fill my heart with joy and I would love for you to come join me and share in this musical evening with all of us. From the fast-paced songs of Teesri Manzil to the gentle melodies of Aandhi, to the laughs of Padosan and the tears of Amar Prem, this show covers some of the best work Pancham Da ever created. I am honored to be able to work on some wonderful songs that my goddess (Asha Tai) has sung like the flow of a crisp brook of melodious notes...Needless to say, I am charmed with the content of the show as well as the chance to sing my idol's best work. I hope I do it justice.

Please join us and prepare to hear some of the most amazing musicians put their talents together to weave the musical history of Pancham Da's finest creations. Details about the show are on the accompanying flyer. I have my own quota of tickets to sell so please contact me via blog comments for details and tickets. Thank you for visiting my website.

With a warm and tender welcome,
Dhanno your abhinetri


Smitha said...

Hey Kaumudee...happened to bump into your blog and was quite surprised! We share the same passion, we both worship Asha ji and we both post recordings :-) I am a very recent blogger though. I was wondering, are u the same Kaumudee I was supposed to meet for forming a band...with Venky? Even though that did not materialize, I am glad to have bumped into your blog. You have some great songs here...keep singing and keep rocking!

Sapna Anu B.George said...

i have come here , through so many via via ....lanes, yet i am glad i have stumbled into your blog......will be returning for more