Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Phir Dekhiye - Rock On

This song has a special place in my heart as it led to a huge change in my life, on the personal front. This song was something I just did on the fly to some extent, but it turned out ok, minus an errant note here and there. This was my first collaboration with Jayswami, who has created this track from scratch. He played all the instruments, mixed and polished this song into the creation that it is now. Thanks Jay! :)

Initially I resisted this film and this song quite a bit; the former because I just didn't think I could get on board with the theme (I was pleasantly surprised) and the latter because everyone seems to have gotten this track from Jay and worked on this song. I decided to put my name in the hat as well, finally. The end result was what you hear in this rendition. Thanks for listening!

For further information on Jay's music please see: Jay's Music


Sudha said...

Fabulous, Kaumudee!

Sudha (hope you can place me from the Gulzar show)

mighty_libran said...

amazing.... WWWWooooww..
my compliments ...

Sandeep Khopkar said...

Kaumudee !! This is simply stunning. wot vocals yaar ekdum shakkar. And hats of to Jay. I am just bowled out by his track.. Fan ho gaya yaaaaar !
If I have to say just in two simple words : ROCK ON !

Anonymous said...

I love this Deee.. I cant belive i havent heard this.. So soo nice its your rendition, you made it yours.. Awesome! :)