Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And a year later...

So things have seemingly gone silent. Yes, I must admit openly I have not sung so much since last year. I had a few shows coming my way, but I was so busy on the personal front, it was virtually impossible to accept those. To my credit there were about 6-7+ gigs I had to refuse. Regardless, I haven't sung in a few. 2012 will bring more performances surely and this is just a hibernating period.

On the musical front, minus the performing, I've started doing things that are definitely putting me on the right track. I will post some songs soon; the problem with having a good studio set up these days, is that every errant note and mistake is amplified. This makes for a great learning experience but not always for getting product out. Bear with me.

First, with the advent of 2012, I started my own music company called Moonlight Sonata Productions, Inc. I will elucidate you on what this company will do as the months roll by. There are certainly some amazing things coming up, which I cannot discuss on an open forum such as this as yet. Let's just say is heading for a revamp!

Second, I have enrolled myself in Berklee College of Music's online school to strengthen my music business acumen. This is something I never thought I'd get a chance to do at such a point in my life - study further - but bit by bit it's coming together.

Third, I'm attending the 2012 NAMM Show in Anaheim. Will get to hang out with some musical heavyweights and soak it all in. So much of learning happens by osmosis; we don't realize that value at times. Plus this show is a great place to learn everything there is to learn about the Music biz. I'm attending seminar after seminar - not quite a musical experience in many ways, but keeping me close to what I love best. It's a full schedule.

Those are the updates in my musical life right now. I will update this site soon with some new material.

El Jefe
Moonlight Sonata Productions, Inc.

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